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Rebecca Emmons


Our  goat milk soaps and lotions begin with fresh, creamy goat milk raised right here on our small farm in the Chahalem Valley of Newberg, Oregon. We chose the Nigerian Dwarf breed of dairy goat for our products because of the high fat content of their milk.  We believe this is what makes our soaps and lotions so luxurious!

We source certified organic, sustainably harvested, and fair trade oils and butters to create our soaps, lotions and body care products because we believe that what you choose to put on your body is as important as what you choose to put in it.

And, we don’t stop there…we add pure essential oils and natural botanicals to bring you a beautiful aromatherapy experience.  No synthetic fragrances, no artificial colorants, just pure, clean ingredients crafted by hand in small batches to ensure you the highest quality product.

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