Our Artists

Rebecca Emmons • R & J Riverbrook Farm

R & J Riverbrook's ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goat milk products nourish and soften your skin and provide nourishment to the body. 

Contact Rebecca for:

  • Soap Making Classes
  • Sustainable Living Classes
  • Pastured Poultry and Eggs



R & J Riverbrook farm facebook page

Terry Flier • Sisters of the Osage

Look for Terry's classes at Inner Oasis. She teaches doll-making, flute classes, and medicine pouch classes. 

Terry also facilitates our Thursday evening drumming circles. Join us! 6 pm every Thursday. 

Sisters of the osage facebook page

Lori Reid • Lori Reid Cards

Lori started her Stampin' Up Business fifteen years ago when she got hooked on making beautiful, personalized cards for friends and family. You can find her lovely cards for every occasion at Inner Oasis.

Contact Lori for customized cards for special occasions or to have her come to your home for a Stampin' Up Party.



Lori's Stampin' Up Website page
JACQUE schroeder, bags, schroeder painings

Jacquelyn Schroeder • Jaxon Bags

JAXON Bags, by Jacquelyn Schroeder, are cut from acrylic paintings executed by the artist in the midst of regular studio practices. The inspiration for crafting each vessel arises from the image on the canvas. Jacque's penchant for hancrafting expresses itself throughout and finishes with leather handles that have been distinctively knotted or bound to imbue each bag with exceptional personality.