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Lekue cooking is fun, fast, easy, safe and very healthy

Coming to you from Barcelona Spain, Lekue is Microwave cooking at its best; a silicone product that will save time and produce meals pleasing to every palette.

Silicone products are safe to use and so is your microwave. Together they steam your foods. That means less liquid and faster cooking time; therefore less loss of vitamins and minerals.

Try this and see what you think.

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Roast Salmon with Vegetables and Yogurt Sauce

1 fillet of salmon
Carrots sliced
Zuccinni sliced
Natural yogurt
2 spoonfuls water
2 spoonfuls olive oil
Fresh parsley
Salt and pepper

Place water in bottom of small steamer (very little is needed). Add sliced carrots and zucchini. Microwave 2 minutes at 800W

Wash salmon well, season with salt and pepper. Place on top of partially cooked carrots and zucchini. Microwave 2.5 minutes @ 800w.

Chop parsley and mix with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Serve salmon on a bed of vegetables with the yogurt as a sauce.

Note: All microwaves are different… do a little testing with yours. To adjust your USA microwave to the European standard simply follow all the recipe’s directions including the amount of time to cook. Then hit the Power Level button and then 7 or 8.

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Charles Viancin

Silicone kitchen accessories are uniquely designed and inspired by nature specifically the French Alps near Lake Annecy.

Our floral, daisy and watermelon lids will stick to glass, plastic, metal, wood and porcelain… and are usable in the frig, freezer, microwave, oven (up to 480 degree) and stove top. Not only are they versatile, they are charming, turning your kitchen in to a garden.

Available in 13’ , 11” 9” 8” and 04” sizes