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Meditation Group

Sunday Mornings
10am to 11am
with Joanne

Drumming Circle

Thursday Evenings
6:00pm - 7:30pm
with Terry Filler
(Sisters of the Osage)

Men's Group

Tuesday Evenings
6:15pm- 8:00pm
Men's Circle Focus: To develop the awareness of becoming a man of honor.
Lead By:
Daryll Alt
(971) 241-1529

Twice on Mondays

Join us on Mondays for group exploration of dreams using the Lightning Dreamwork Process

Two sessions!

  • 12:00 noon
  • 6:30 pm


Reconnect with your inner guidance system

Each time we dream, our subconscious has the opportunity to communicate insight and wisdom to help us navigate daily life. The subconscious communicates in a unique symbolic language for each of us, but we can create our own lexicon with practice.

Come explore dreams using an efficient, effective, and empowering technique and learn to translate these visions respectfully.


Intuitive Readers - Scheduled or By Appointment

Melissa Welch

Mediumship and Psychometry

Melissa's readings include Mediumship, chakra cleansing and balancing, Medical Intuitive readings, and responsive readings to your questions.

Melissa is a regular at Inner Oasis
(503-435-7335) and also reads by appointment (971-226-6408)

Sarah Cousins

Dream Coach and Intuitive Readings

Sarah's readings include dream work and soul purpose. Let her help you understand your unique path. Sarah also wants to see empowering dreamwork and the joy of oral storytelling incorporated into everyday waking culture.

Sarah is a regular at Inner Oasis
(503-435-7335) and also reads by appointment (

Elise Sterling

Psychic & Animal Communication

Elise is a gifted psychic animal communicator, and Tarot Reader. She can reveal health issues and feelings behind you companion animals' behavior. Look for upcoming classes in learning to communicate with your animals!

Elise is a regular at Inner Oasis
(503-435-7335) and also reads by appointment (503-539-0064)

Special Events

Read your Tarot Cards Intuitively April 13th

Instead of relying on printed information that comes with your tarot deck, learn to read your cards intuitively. Presented by book and tarot deck author Courtney Weber

Dreaming with Sarah Cousins March 30

We are so much more than the mind. We have bodies, souls, and more. Your dreams can help you to integrate inot one whole. Sarah M Cousins, a certified Dream Teacher, is sharing the Lightning Dreamwork Process in one hour sessions on March 30th

  • 12:00 - 1:00 pm
  • 2:00 - 3:00 pm
  • 4:00 - 5:00 pm

When not in dream sessions, Sarah will be available for intuitive readings. 15 minutes for $25.

Call to schedule (503) 435-7335 or visit

Medicine Pouch Class April 17th

Medicine Pouch Class April 17th

Carry your treasures in a soft leather pouch; one you made yourself under the tutelage of Terry Filer, Sisters of the Osage. Enjoy Terry's authentic stories and easy instruction. Classes limited in size so that you have one on one instruction.  Call us today for a reservation: 503 435 7335 

Spirit Doll - Kitchen Witch Class April 20th

Spirit Doll - Kitchen Witch Class  April 20th

Who are you? Let's find out!  Join Terry Filer's Spirit Doll (or kitchen witch if you prefer) class. Terry will provide all materials including the form for your doll. You choose the color theme, stuff and arrange your doll's arms and then the fun of decorating begins.  Class size is limited to allow for more one-on-one attention. Tea and cookies while you work!

Ensure your place! Call 503-435-7335 to pre-register for events.